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Scoop it Up: Council cracks down on dog fouling

Irresponsible dog owners are being asked to sit up and take notice after two Leeds people fell foul of the law. Following a clamp down on people who don’t pick up after their pets, a man from Bramley and a woman from Cross Green were found guilty of various offences

Scoop It Up: Friends of Cross Flatts Park group back dog fouling calls

The situation has improved in the park, but there are still problems, writes chair of Friends of Cross Flatts Park Angela Gabriel for our Scoop it Up anti-dog fouling campaign. We were planting our new edible garden the other day. A dog started squatting to its business, so the man

Dog fouling map: ‘Hopscotching’ reported down St Luke’s Road

As more people report their south Leeds dog fouling problems in our Scoop It Up campaign, today we’re focussing on our interactive dog fouling map, which has so far had more than 500 views in just over a week. The map, which you can see below, allows readers to chart

Scoop It Up: Problems leading to Cross Flatts Park reported

Our Scoop It Up campaign, which is targeting dog fouling in South Leeds, is already having an impact. Remember we mentioned last week about problems with dog fouling on streets leading to the parks where they’re due to be walked? One reader has already reported problems anonymously to Leeds City Council

Scoop it Up: Dog fouling in Hunslet Cemetery

Problems with dog fouling have been raised by the Friends of Hunslet Cemetery on their Facebook group. Member Lorraine Paul posted a photo of dog much in the cemtery and added: “Went to cemetery today – look what I found two graves away from my mam and dads. Absolutely disgusting.”

Scoop It Up: Voice of Holbeck and Friends of Holbeck Cemetery add their support

“People just don’t seem to think it’s their responsibility to clean up after their animal,” says Dennis Kitchen. “They think they can just leave it for someone else to clear up.” South Leeds Life caught up with two local groups – the Voice of Holbeck and Friends of Holbeck Cemetery

Scoop it up! Local councillor backs our campaign

A leading local councillor has backed our campaign to tackle dog owners who fail to scoop up after their pets in south Leeds’ streets and public places. Yesterday South Leeds launched our Scoop It Up campaign, which aims to try and educate people to pick up their pet’s dog muck – and

Scoop It Up! Join our campaign to tackle dog fouling in south Leeds

“We have old people, a disabled girl in a wheelchair and young children living in this street. It is very hard to walk on the footpath as dogs have always fouled in front of every house. No-one on our street has a dog. We need help to sort this problem.