Support for patients with long term health issues


Do you have a long term health issue? If so perhaps you are an “Expert Patient”.

Photo courtesy of Volition
Photo courtesy of Volition

The NHS now run an Expert Patients Programme in Leeds to help patients help themselves by managing and improving their health. A new programme of courses that will be running throughout the year has just been announced. The courses are run for:

  • People with Health Problems
  • Pain Management
  • People with Long Term Conditions
  • People with Mental Health Issues
  • People with Stroke or Brain Injury

The courses consist of six 21/2 hour sessions consisting of informal discussions and activities and are run by people who have experience of managing their own health problems.

The courses run at venues across Leeds and patients are helped with transport.

Karen Gouly, the Expert Patient Programme Manager at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust said:

“The course provides tried and tested skills which have been shown to  benefit people with long term health conditions. Course participants  have the option of going on further training to become volunteer course  tutors.”

For more information phone: (0113) 843 4548 or 07944 299403 or email:

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  1. I went on the expert health programme about a year ago. The one on mental health. Was at Hunslet health centre.

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