Sunday Lunch At THE GATE

I arrived last Sunday, just after 1pm for Sunday Lunch at BITMO GATE.  Expecting me to be the only one there and others would follow. No was wrong 25 elderly people plus one little girl, daughter of one of the volunteers already there.

20150222_125752Wasn’t sure what to expect, (my 1st time) the Sunday Lunch is part of the Ciaran Bingham Trust set up by his Mother, Margret. Cirian tragically died in a Motor Bike accident a few years ago.

Margaret Bingham, herself, was not there today as running another Lunch club at The Malting’s, was told this is near the old pub, the Blooming Rose on Hunslet Moor.

The Sunday lunch is put on at the gate for the elderly, last Sunday in the Month. For an amazing price of £3.50.

I know what the lunch was going to be as in a phone call with Margret for about an hour, going through a lot of things a few days before. I was quickly led to the only vacant seat left.

Margret told me, Roast Pork, roast veg and steamed veg and of course Yorkshire Puddings was on the menu, plus Apple Pie and Custard for sweet.

There where second helping all round if you wanted it. On my table, group of elderly local people and me with my reporter note book at the ready quickly wrote down there  names, Iris, Maureen, Jean, Nellie and Fred. Of course did not ask the ladies ages, but all in their 70s and Fred amazing 93 years old. Looks like I was the youngest there.20150222_132427

The Lunches where served by volunteers, Diayhna, Pat, Paula, Erin, Mandy and her young Daughter.

After Lunch there were games of Bingo (not really my thing) total prize money £72.00. I noticed one lady had 6 cards. Apparently that means that every number called out, is on your cards. Of course not in the order you want.

To finish a raffle was held with prizes such as boxes chocolates. By magic after the raffle, everyone seemed to get ready for home, booking Taxis. I asked if anyone wanted a lift, but no, everyone seemed to be happy ordering Taxis or came by there own car.

Just as I was getting up to leave. A siren and flashings lights sounded above the toilets. I guessed someone had pulled the red cord in the toilets by mistake or needed assistance. Anyway told a lass to go in and have a look, Lady was ok and rested for a while sat down.

Look forward to going again next Month. If your elderly and want to go to any of the lunches, please leave your comments at bottom of this blog and I will pass onto Margret.ciaranbingham

If you would like to volunteer for the trust, click link for more details