Success for Beeston and Holbeck in Bloom groups!

Holbeck ‘s looking good!

South Leeds is looking ‘Blooming’ good!

Both Beeston in Bloom and Holbeck in Bloom groups have scored success in the annual Yorkshire in Bloom competition, with Beeston netting a silver gilt and Holbeck a silver award.

The annual competition aims to foster community pride and encourage people to get planting and improve their communities.

The judges said of Beeston:

“Beeston was, once again, a pleasure to judge. The well established In Bloom Group continues to be as enthusiast as ever and is maintaining strong support from all sectors of the community. The Group has clear objectives and is constantly reviewing its Action Plan to maintain the high standards it has achieved within a challenging inner city area.”

And of Holbeck they said:

“The extremely keen and committed In Bloom Group continue to make a clear impression in Holbeck and have taken on board the judges comments from the Spring judging to ensure the on-going progress of the “Holbeck Experience”. The continuing environmental improvements and close working relationship with all sector partner organisations will ensure that current and longer term development planned for the area will both enhance and benefit the local community.”

The full reports can be read here.