Stourton Park & Ride opens on Monday

The controversial Stourton Park and Ride will open its doors for the first time on Monday 6 September 2021. The new 1,200 space facility will be the first fully solar-powered park and ride site in the UK. Solar panels and an innovative battery storage system will provide energy to power the entire site and a fleet of zero-emission electric buses will operate every 10 minutes.

All bus fares from Monday 6 – Sunday 12 September will be free of charge for everyone. Following the introductory offer return fares are priced at just £3.

Leeds City Council have also published details of parking restrictions on local roads to stop local residents being inconvenienced. The plans include resident permit parking on the Parnabys and time limited waiting on Parnaby Road as well as double yellow lines along Middleton Road and Ring Road Middleton.

The project is part of the Connecting Leeds programme and was funded through the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) from the Department for Transport. And the European Union’s Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The ERDF funding has provided a Smart Grid which will:

  • Provide subsidised electricity for the Park & Ride service to allow fully electric buses to operate on the route at a lower cost
  • Provide trickle charging for long-stay commuters with electric vehicles
  • Provide rapid chargers for Electric Vehicles passing the site, to help build a strategic network of public charge points

Photo: Aerial shot of Stourton Park & Ride in August.

6 Replies to “Stourton Park & Ride opens on Monday”

  1. S you comes to mind

    You have had 5 years to planned for this after idiots voted to leave the EU.

    No sympathy

    Karma more like

    1. So they only built a park and ride because of brexit did they.well then brexit did some good then

  2. This white elephant is hardly used utter utter waste of money, i walk past it daily hardly any cars in it.

  3. What could do with significant improvement is the appalling website.
    No mention on the website of how much it costs to park there (looking on other sites I believe it may be freee).
    Does a ticket include the return journey back to the parked car (as well as the fee to park on the carpark).
    Why is there no map of the area on the website instead of having to utilise Google Earth?
    I appreciate your desire to emblazen your green credentials for all to see, but should this really be at the cost of obtaining information by a potential user?

  4. Used it yesterday & found it very straightforward and ideal for avoiding driving in city centre traffic and removing any anxiety in finding a parking spot. The frequency of the (quiet electric) buses and use of bus lanes means you probably get in to Leeds not much later than driving anyway. More people should try it.

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