Store Wars Episode IV: Tesco and Asda set for live Beeston forum debate

Now here’s a date for your diary… Local group Beeston Community Forum will be holding a special meeting on Thursday, 28 June to allow representatives of Asda Stores Limited and Tesco Stores Limited to update local residents about the current situation in relation to their planning applications for new stores on Old Lane, Beeston.

The meeting will allow local residents to state their views about the planning applications, whether for or against.

As with all forum meetings, the meeting will start at 7.30pm and take place at BeestonVillage Community Centre, St Anthony’s Drive, Beeston.

Robert Winfield , Secretary of the Beeston Forum said

“The Asda and Tesco proposals are an important issue in the area and both Asda and Tesco have been active in seeking the support of local residents for their plans.

“The special meeting will provide a valuable opportunity for an exchange of views between Asda, Tesco and local residents. I hope that the meeting will be well attended by local people, regardless of their opinions about the planning applications.”

This meeting is in addition to the Forum’s programme of monthly meetings (full details available on the Forum’s website) and does not replace any meeting.