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It is with great sadness that we report the death of Stephen Williamson on Monday (3 March 2014).

Steve CertificatesSteve was a contributor to South Leeds Life both under his own name and as ‘Old Bamber’ having attended our first community reporters course. He was also heavily involved behind the scenes as Secretary of the South Leeds Life Group, taking a lead on securing funding and helping to plan for the future.

His loss will be felt across South Leeds. He brought his great energy to many organisations including the Church in Cottingley, Beeston Festival, the Labour Party and Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan.

Our thoughts are with his family to whom we send our condolences.

UPDATE: The family have announced the arrangements for Steve’s funeral. It will take place at St Mary’s Church, Town Street, Beeston on Tuesday 18 March at 2pm.

The family have asked people not to wear black and grey, no flowers please, but there will be a collection.


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  1. RIP Steve. Condolences to his family. Cannot imagine South Leeds Life Blog, without you.

  2. What such sad news. I had only just met Steve. He seemed like a man so passionate about his community, I was looking forward to learning more about his work.
    My thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.

  3. Worked for Steve at re’new. Genuinely caring bloke and utterly bonkers (in a good way). Don’t share his politics but we both knew it was important! RIP

  4. I am totally gutted by this news! I loved working with Steve in recent months. He was so supportive and real. So sad I will no longer be able to keep picking his brains!
    One of the last emails he sent me on Friday was of him and his wife at their daughters wedding as couple of weeks ago! He was very proud and man enough to share that he found the day very emotional!

    Sleep tight!

  5. Really sorry to hear the sad news about Steve Williamson. I loved reading his posts on the South Leeds Life website and getting info from what’s on around Leeds, you always knew what news was going round so rest in peace. I also send my condolences to his family at difficult time, thanks.

  6. So sorry to hear the news. I enjoyed working alongside Steve. I will remember him for his enthusiasm with any project he was involved with. So sad I will not be able to be hear his jolly laugh again. He will be very missed in the local community. Condolences to his family. RIP Steve

  7. Very sorry to hear this news, a good man of the community gone too soon, wrote for this site very well and was a pleasure to debate things with, RIP…

  8. What a shock to hear of Steve’s death. I was talking to him at a meeting, only a few days ago. We were on a community reporters course for South Leeds Life. A great guy. He will be missed.

  9. Such sad news and a terrible tragedy.

    Steve was so full of enthusiasm and passion for everything he did, and we will greatly miss his presence and support for community events in South Leeds.

    Our hearts go out to his family.

  10. Never met Steve, but it was obvious from his many posts and his community endeavours that he was a caring and thoughtful man. My condolences to his family x

  11. Really sorry. I was just getting to know and admire Steve for his genuineness and love of life….

  12. Sad and terribly shocking news. I worked for Steve when he was CEO at re’new. He supported me, helped develop me and laughed with me and one of the few people that I had upmost respect for. A really great guy and mentor who will be missed dearly.

  13. Only knew you for 4 years through Beeston Festival- you were a star! Positive,methodical,fun and an inspiration to all.
    You will be so missed
    With sadness
    Paul Bullivant

  14. Completely shocked at the loss of a great friend , inspirational man and champion of Leeds and its people. I had the privilege of working with and for Steve. Mad as a box of frogs but brilliant with it. Fiercely intelligent and extremely funny. I will miss him terribly. RIP Steve.

  15. This is a terrible shock and a sad loss for Steve’s family and South Leeds in general.

    I admired Steve tremendously for his passion, commitment and enthusiasm. He brought a real drive to everything he did.

    South Leeds Life will miss him greatly. And I shall miss his wit, wisdom and warmth.

    It was a pleasure to teach him at the first community reporters’ course and an even greater pleasure to get to know him over the following couple of years.

    RIP Steve.

  16. Steve touched so many lives for good. He leaves a huge hole and will be so missed. Thoughts and prayers with everyone who grieves Steve, but mostly to Linda and his family – you were the centre of his life.

  17. Such a great shock and loss for Leeds. Steve was Chief Exec whilst I was at re’new, he was supportive of my work and took time out to thank his staff. When he retired we arranged a book of messages and photos for him and he told me how taken aback he was by it – a modest man who would probably be equally taken aback by these messages. Thoughts are with his loved ones.

  18. Such very sad news. I have known Steve for years at a distance, but only really got to know him in the last year or so when he joined my board at West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy. He was a thoroughly nice man and a supportive and committed board member, I will miss his involvement so much not to mention his sense of humour. He has been taken far too soon.

  19. Still cannot believe we will not ever again experience Steve’s sharp wit, determination, and sense of fun. I was supposed to meet Steve for a drink on Monday night but this sadly never happened. Since Steve and his wife moved to Beeston, he threw himself into community life, especially since his retirement from Renew. I valued his honesty…he told it as it was, his guidance and assistance and most importantly his friendship. Rest in peace Steve. Condolences to Linda and the children.

  20. RIP Steve – so many people in the Council were so sad to hear this news. Steve played a central role in making sure community voices were heard and acted upon in the Civic. He could act as a bridge between sectors, as he did so skilfully in bringing together Councillors, developers and community groups in consulting on the planning strategy. Personally, Steve was a great support to me when I joined the Council and I like many others will miss him. Thoughts are with his friends and family.

  21. tarrah Old Bamber… you made a huge impression in Beeston and Holbeck and I can only hope we all can carry on to try and fill the huge hole that is now left so that your contribution was never wasted. I know it was only a small part of your life but the bottle stall at the gala and the festival will never be same without your ‘Brian Blessed-esque’ call “roll up, roll up, come turn water into wine”… you are already sorely missed. My thoughts are with you Linda…

  22. I met Steve way back in 1996. I knew and worked with him for fifteen years at re’new. We go right back to the Leeds Partnership Homes days. He was mad as a hatter a lot of the time, but hell, he knew his stuff. A stickler for detail, sometimes details better left unmolested, Steve was tenacious and determined. He believed passionately in supporting communities, and insisted on high standards both from himself and those who worked with him. He could be incredibly funny, very generous, and caring. The main thing I remember, life was never dull around Mr Williamson.

  23. Steve’s insights and excellence touched many lives. I worked with him on SRB3 and to develop CASAC in the mid-1990’s. His ability to interpret the eddies and currents of partnership building in the face of near impossible odds was something to behold. He was a passionate advocate for social justice, tenacious and a provider of wise counsel for those willing to listen. Although we only met infrequently in later years every occasion left you wondering why we’d left it so long. Safe journey my friend.

  24. Very sad news indeed. RIP Steve, our hearts go out to his family and friends.

  25. Steve was one of the first people from the sector I met when I moved to Leeds and I was struck and impressed by his eloquence and passion right from the start. He believed in the local community and the needs of real people, was not afraid to speak his thoughts and stand up to people in authority. Above all it was clear that he wanted to make a real difference to people’s lives and, having retired from re’new, he threw himself into supporting a range of activities in South Leeds. He will be sorely missed by so many people and our thoughts are with his family.

  26. Steve’s death will be a big loss to the people of Leeds and all who knew him. I only actually met him once but he was warm and welcoming despite our differing political views, and he has done much to unite the people in the South of our city.
    God bless and my heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends.

  27. Steve was a great guy who made a huge impact on the community. He was a truthfull and honest person who will be missed.

  28. I attended Steve Memorial Service this afternoon at StMary’s. it was a joyous event if tinged with some sadness. But not – as Steve would want- maudlin (that’s Oxford not Cambridge, right?).
    I knew Steve as a friend &amp colleague for over 30 years. We played football with &amp against each other in Liverpool &amp shared a love of Liverpool FC. It would be great for LFC to win the League this year to mark Steve’s affection.
    I worked with Steve at Leeds Partnership Homes which became Re’new. He was ever generous in person &amp in deed.
    He will be sadly missed. God Bless you Steve

  29. Moved to contribute following today’s service at St Mary’s and the dignity and humour of Steve’s Family. A great bloke and warm human being who touched everyone he knew, reflected by the Fabby turn out today. Thanks for all you taught me Steve. I’ll miss you flipping those burgers at the Beeston Festival whilst I sold my samosa’s and onion bhaji’s!

  30. Thank you to everyone who wrote a message of condolence or a memory about Stephen.

    We were amazed how many lives he touched and they were a real comfort to read.

    Linda, Kate, Joanna and Tom

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