Speeding vehicles discussed at Middleton meeting

PC Claire Rowlinson attended the latest New Forest Village community meeting in Middleton. Also in attendance were Councillor Judith Blake, a representative from Leeds City Council’s parks and countryside department and 18 residents, writes Rothwell NPT.

Crime statistics for the area were given for the last month which were: two thefts of motor vehicles, two thefts from motor vehicles, one shed burglary and one criminal damage.

The Local Priority of speeding vehicles was discussed. PCSO Jonny Smith was praised for having taken ownership of the problem and his regular presence in area. Residents stated there had been a vast improvement but this will remain as the priority for the time being.

PC Rowlinson also gave information about the Proceeds of Crime Team’s “Week of Action” that will be taking place in October.

The next meeting is on 21 November starting at 6.30pm.