Speeding drivers caught in Police crackdown

27 drivers were caught speeding by officers from West Yorkshire Police’s Inner South Leeds team who conducted a Speed Watch operation on Sunday (10 May 2020).

Four locations were targeted in the operation:

  • Sharp Lane, Middleton (30mph)
  • Tempest Road, Beeston (20mph)
  • Old Lane, Beeston (30mph)
  • Pepper Road, Hunslet (20mph)

As a result, 27 drivers have been dealt with for exceeding the speed limit.

A spokesperson commented:

“Just because the traffic is different and there are less vehicles on the road, this doesn’t mean that the rules of the road are any different.

“Speeding is still a priority to our officers, with an attempt to alleviate any unnecessary extra staff to the NHS.”


Photo shows an earlier operation in February this year


4 Replies to “Speeding drivers caught in Police crackdown”

  1. Well done ✔ let’s have more areas of South Leeds covered in the future.

  2. Red car coloured lad plus 4 lads in black cars every night doing at least 80 mph between cemetary s Middleton road

  3. Not before time every third car on the road in this area is breaking the speed limit at outrageous levels.
    The only thing worse than a moron behind the wheel is a moron in a rush!
    Get them off the roads !

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