South Leeds Roundup: Pavilions, sheds and garden gates

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter.

We start this week in Beeston at Hunslet Nelson Cricket Club (confusingly) where a new pavilion is on the cards. You can see the plans on their Facebook Page, but we thought their First XI looked more photogenic!

Hunslet Nelson First XI

The latest newsletter is out from the South Leeds Community Policing Team.

Apparently Monday 21 June is Go Skate Day, so down at The Works they are organising of 7 days of skateboard competitions.

Work has started on a new Running Shed (no, me neither) down at Middleton Railway. There’s loads of photos on their Facebook page.

Beeston Community Forum’s regular monthly meeting will be given over to debate about the EU Referendum. The meeting’s on Thursday (2 June) at 7:30pm at Beeston Village Community Centre.

If you don’t fancy that, perhaps you’d prefer a music coding workshop? There’s one the same evening as part The Tetley art gallery’s First Thursday programme and ties in with their current exhibition See No Quiet Place. Bring your own laptop.

Staff and volunteers from SLATE travelled to Sheffield to see world theatrical premiere at The Crucible thanks to free tickets donated by the theatre.

If you’ve ever wondered about that amazing ceramic tiled bar in our favourite South Leeds pub, check out the nostalgia feature in the Yorkshire Evening Post all about The Garden Gate.

Speaking of pubs, the latest project from Lloyd-Wilson, who contribute the Trajectory of the Everyday to our newspaper edition, is the Pub and the People. If you missed the launch event last week why not listen to the cassette sound collage.

Worried that you might miss the latest news from The South Leeds Academy? Now you can download their mobile app and stay in touch on the go. Amongst other things you’ll find out how their students faired at the recent Leeds Got Talent competition.

And finally, why not pop along to Sharp Lane Community Centre on Saturday 11 June and help them celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Bingo, a raffle and a dance performance are all promised between 2-6pm.