South Leeds Roundup: Cleaning up Beeston and looking for good ideas

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites and blogs.

Residents, Police and Council staff prepare to sweep Beeston
Residents, Police and Council staff prepare to sweep Beeston

Both Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team and Yorkshire Evening Post report on the Love Beeston, Clean Beeston clear up last Thursday. the NPT also report that co-operation with the Morley NPT led to the arrest of a man in relation to the theft from motor vehicles on Cottingley estate.

Still in Cottingley, the Cottingley Hall TRAC are meeting tonight and discussions on the page include help for disabled moving around the estate – are the dropped kerbs in the right place? Rubbish will also be on the agenda tonight following some missed collections.

Are you an ideas person? The Friends of Middleton Park are looking for suggestions on ways to help save Middleton Park Golf Course which recently won a twelve month reprieve from closure. You can join the discussion at the Save Middleton Park Golf Course Facebook Group.

South Leeds Community Radio are also looking for ideas. They are currently asking listeners what sort of programmes they would like to see being produced.

Away from Facebook, the Yorkshire Evening Post has its focus on Beeston this week. Amongst their stories are: