South Leeds roundup: Asian supermarket, Tower Works and Middleton clean up

Here’s your weekly round-up of what’s making south Leeds tick this week from other websites and blogs.

The YEP reports on a good news story that a Leeds businessman is pumping £500,000 into turning a formerly notorious pub on Dewsbury Road into an Asian supermarket. Sad to see the negative tone of some of the comments though.

Check out the latest on the renaissance of Tower Works, Holbeck, over at their website.

PCSOs Johnny Wilson and Dave Lythe interviewed Andy Hewitt, a police volunteer, on their South Leeds Community Radio Show. The PCSOs also helped the 2nd Beeston Brownie Group to achieve their Crime Prevention Badge.

Many people who sell things on the doorstep are legitimate traders, but unfortunately some aren’t. Rothwell NPT has some safety tips.

Over on Facebook…

Cottingley TRAC post about boxing for kids in the community centre today. Bash out that summer bordom! And they’ve got a family fun day on the 31st of this month.

Friends of Middleton Park post that the seating area near the Rose Gardens has been cleared up.