South Leeds Hikers become mountain rescuers

South Leeds Hiking Group (SLHG) spent a recent Sunday (23 June 2019) hiking the Kentmere Horseshoe, a walk which took them across 21km or 13 miles. Intending to walk the whole of the Kentmere Horseshoe which is regarded as England’s longest and most remote horseshoe route around a ring of hills.

The group climbed many rolling hills including Yoke at 706m, III Bell at 757m, Froswick at 720m Thornthwaite Beacon at 784m and High Street at 828m above sea level finally crossing Mardale III Bell 760m above sea level.

The group descended via Nan Bield pass down into the Kentmere valley at the three quarter point of the route. Despite cutting the walk short due to the younger members of the party, the group consider this hike a great success.

The group also encountered a party of lost American cyclists who had been following a Google maps route and had become lost, the group donated a map to them and set them back on the right path. This not only shows the importance of being prepared on the hills but also being well equipped, always carry a map and put together a thorough route card before you start any hike.

The group’s next hike, heading to England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike, is fully subscribed. Future hikes are available for people of all abilities. The group is keen to welcome young hikers and is doing a ‘My First Mountain Hike’ on Saturday 3 August 2019, this walk is suitable for anyone four years and up with full mobility. There is also a fully accessible walk, ‘Miles Without Stiles’, for those with prams, crutches, wheelchairs etc, on Sunday 11 August. Please see the Facebook page for more information.


Photo: Frances Adamson