South Leeds group theatrical about the Olympics: Updated

A local theatre group for youngsters in South Leeds has received a funding boost which will enable them to take part in a production for next year’s Olympics.

South Leeds Youth Theatre has received £6,800 from the South Inner Area Management Committee to fund a new project involving young actors to produce a special Olympic-themed stage show.

This project will give the group access to a larger venue and establish better links to partner agencies.  The group has provided community-based youth theatre provision in South Leeds for 25 years and uses the arts as a tool to increase self esteem, aspiration and community cohesion amongst young people in the area.

Once the production completed, it will be taken on a mini tour of local community events across South Leeds including Holbeck and Middleton Galas and Beeston festival.

Local Councillor Angela Gabriel, who sits on the South Inner Area Management Committee, has praised the local theatre group and the great work it does for children throughout South Leeds. Councillor Gabriel (Beeston and Holbeck) said:

“ This local group already does some excellent work with local children and this new funding from the area management committee will help to increase the size and reach of the group and really put them on the map, which can only be great news for young people in South Leeds.

“This organisation already has 30 local children on board and the work they do has gone a long way to increasing their personal development, as well as raising the profile of performance arts amongst young people in Beeston, Holbeck, Middleton and Hunslet.

“The funding will also enable the group to put together an Olympic-themed production for 2012 events. This will be fantastic and I am really looking forward to seeing it.”

NOTE: This article was amended at 6.44pm on Tuesday December 20 to clarify that the group has in fact received £6,800 from the area committee, not £14,600 as first reported. South Leeds Life had received the original information in good faith from the council.