South Leeds Debt Forum


A new group has been set up to help combat household debt problems in South Leeds.

Debt Awareness Week logoFor our last article marking National Debt Awareness Week we are highlighting the work of a new group in the area. The South Leeds Debt Forum is an informal network for advice workers and others interested in the issues of debt and financial exclusion.

We know that many people face difficulties with access to bank accounts, pay day loans, benefit cuts and other financial problems.

The group are developing an action plan covering preventative work and debt support. On the preventative side it includes ideas around financial literacy, budgeting, credit union membership etc. On the debt support side it is about improving access to debt advice in South Leeds.

The group’s next meeting is on Tuesday (28 February 2014) at BITMO’s GATE, Aberfield Gate, Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH at 10am. Anyone with an interest in debt issues is welcome to attend.

South Leeds Debt Forum can be contacted via Ian Kenning on 07973 129181 or email: