South Leeds Academy students: What is faith?

Pupils at South Leeds Academy have been busy blogging for South Leeds Life.  A group of 10 pupils recently had a day all about ‘faith’ and what it can mean to individuals. Here are their blogs specially written for us:

What faith is :

  • Love
  • Helpfulness
  • Kindness
  • And loads more…

In the South Leeds Academy there are 39 languages.

380 out of 1,119 speak more than one language.

And over 80% of students in TSLA come from a family with a faith, here are just some:

Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon … the list goes on.

By Tiffany Carlile

My personal opinion is that everyone should have faith in some way. We should all help each other out and care for each other !!

My personal opinion on what faith means to me is, believing in God and having respect for others, being trustworthy and having belief in humanity.

By Aisha Yaqub

My personal opinion of what faith means to me is believing in something, having rules, guidance and respect.

By Aminah

In the world without religion people will be not respectful and bad because most people believe that God tells us to be good, respectful and helpful so without religion people wouldn’t follow these rules.

Faith summed up in three words is love, trust and loyal.

My personal opinion on what faith means is that feith Is not that people are just respectful to each other, because that’s not enough good to call it faith. Faith is when all people know, that they are equal, they trust each other and they treat each other like family. I think that all people in the world are just one, big family.

By Andzelika Duda

Faith summed up in three words is trust,belief,hope

The world without religion would be weird because we would be the same it would be confusing.

Belief is a truth held in the mind; Faith is a fire in the heart

Over 80% of TSLA students come from a family with a faith, this makes us unique

By Brittaney Flynn

Religion to me means that people believe in God and trust their God whoever that is. Believers can go to places to worship together such as a church; people believe in certain religions because they might have been born into it or just wanted to believe in it. There are lots of different religions in our school and everyone respects each other’s religion.  Our school is a mixed faith community.

By Chloe Fletcher

Dance is my life. By watching other people dance, this inspired me to do what they do and has helped me build up my confidence. I cannot believe that when I first started dancing people were teaching me simple routines but now it’s the other way around and I am teaching young people to dance!

I have been dancing since I was little and it has given me more confidence due to the performances that I have done in front of many people. I’m able to inspire young children so they get to do what I have done in life so far.

By Crystal Taylor

The world without religion would be weird and confusing because it would be different. Some people like going to religious places and some people like it because

They meet people.

Faith summed up in 3 words:

‘It’s your destiny’

By Ian ‘Bad Man’ Cawood

Religion means to me that we respect God and everyone around us even if we don’t like one another. Also, religion is to share and respect each other no matter what. If there was no religion in the world the world would be a total disaster.

I respect God because he was the one who made us how we are and he is the one that makes us be proud of our religion. 

By Lauren Storey

Without religion the world would be boring because without faith the world is nothing, also because people will not have here own personality and no one would be unique.

Faith summed up three words is Trust, Belief and Hope

My personal belief is that if there was no faith, people would be dull and not interesting because people wouldn’t have their own distinctive ways.

By Mustafa Jibril