Big plans for Middleton youths from community group

middleton marauders clubhouse
Youth centre and skatepark? Middleton Marauders Clubhouse. Photo: John Baron/

Middleton Community Group has put forward a plan to convert the disused Middleton Marauders clubhouse building into a youth centre with a skate park next to it.

The group says local residents have expressed huge support for the plan, which aims to provide a safe and secure plance for young people to meet, learn and play.

The project relies on formal approval from Leeds CIty Council, as well as planning permission and for funds to cover the costs.

The Middleton Community Group has started the ball rolling by applying for a funding grant of £100,000 to cover the project expenses and has already had meetings with council officers and local councillors.

If the funding bid is successful the group would also need to secure a further £36,000 funding from local sponsors and funders.

A spokesperson said:

“We’ve put lots of thought into the youth centre’s opening hours, the local volunteering and work opportunities it would bring, how it would support children’s school achievements, costs and events and so on.”

Middleton Community Group would like to hear your thoughts on the proposals. Come along to the next public meeting on Saturday, 8 December at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre to hear more about the plans or post your suggestions in the ‘your say’ box at Middleton Christmas Fair at St Cross Church (11am-2pm) on Saturday 15 December.

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