Sounds of South Leeds


South Leeds Media is looking for local residents, workers or volunteers to get involved with a series of radio programmes, short films and photographs, which will be used to help celebrate and showcase the richness of our community through a project called ‘Sounds of South Leeds’

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Have you got a story worth sharing? Maybe your part of a community group that wants to share the amazing work you’re doing? Maybe you’re a musician or singer and want to let others hear your talent? Maybe you’re a writer and have a piece you’re dying for our listeners to hear? Well if this is you please get in touch with us!

Between October –December 2014 our army of Volunteers will be happy to visit you or indeed welcome you to our Station HQ (Just off Dewsbury Road) to help you share your ‘Sound’. All we ask is that you are either a South Leeds resident, or you work/volunteer in the area, and that you would be happy to have your ‘Sound of South Leeds’ broadcast through

If you have any queries, please contact us through either our website, Facebook page or email

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