Slideshow: The view from Holbeck Cemetery

[slideshow id=1657324662900306306&w=426&h=320]

I was walking along Beeston Road the other day and decided to pop into Holbeck Cemetery. It wasn’t morboid curiosity, it was just that I’d never been in there and wanted a closer look.

I found a viewing platform with some breathtaking views of Holbeck and the city centre – a real hidden gem. Hope you like the slideshow.

It’s a really interesting place, steeped in local history and strangely beautiful. It dates back to 1857 and its opening coincides with the closure of St Matthew’s Church graveyard, off Holbeck Moor.

Apparently there’s a Friends of Holbeck Cemetery group. Does anyone know anything about the group and how to contact them? Do you know anything about the history of the place? Share your views and memories in the comments section below.