Do You Shop At The Asda Middleton?

middleton elderley aid 1Middleton Elderly Aid.

Do you shop at the Asda Middleton,?

Please support us by placing your green token in our slot on the Community Life board. We will be there for 2 months. If we are the winner we will receive £200.middleton eldely aid 2.

The £200 would be put to good use, it could pay for three minibus trips for older people living in Middleton, or 2 weeks rent at our centre, or 2 weeks subsided lunches for our members. Please vote for us xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. were have all my school mates gone I left middleton seneors in the late 50s but have been unable to contact any of them john pemberton peter lambert john and Bernard mahew tony pears to name a few im shore that thay luckave not all past awaybest wishes brian

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