Scoop it up: Dog fouling reports continue

Scoop It Up!

Frustration with dog fouling in south Leeds continues to be a hot topic as our Scoop It Up campaign ramps up a gear.

One person from Belle Isle, who wishes to remain anonymous, told South Leeds Life they had problems with dog fouling. They added:

“We have a communal garden and the mess is awful. When the council asked the man about dog fouling he denied it, so they can’t do anything. What’s the point of reporting it if the dog owner is just going to say, ‘not me’ and get away with it?”

Problems with dog fouling were also discussed at Beeston Festival. One stallholder said they had dog muck next to their stall:

“People need to take responsibility for their dogs – the festival is a day of celebration, you shouldn’t have to worry because of irresponsible dog owneres. It’s disgusting.”

And Middleton resident Steve Parsons added:

“Walking down the old tram tracks on the ring road, I saw a man with an alsation letting his animal ‘so the do’ without scooping it up. When I said something to him he just grunted and walked off. People don’t care, and they should.”

You can help to take a stand against dog fouling in south Leeds by reporting offences.

If you know of someone who persistently fails to pick up after their pet, report them – telephone 0113 222 4407 or email

You can also report problems to the council through the wonderful Fix My Street website.

You can also help South Leeds Life map where the biggest problems with dog fouling are by adding problem areas to our interactive map below: