School attendance matters

Greenmount Primary School, Lodge Lane Beeston, recently had a poster competition and the children were asked to design a poster that promotes good attendance. The winning posters are going to be used for displays around the school and will feature on the school’s new website.

The staff at Greenmount Primary are working hard to maintain an overall (pupils aged 5+) attendance of above 96%. Going to school every day is so important for a child’s educational, social and emotional development. It has been proven that children with poor attendance have low self-esteem, find it harder to make and keep friends and are less likely to gain good qualifications when leaving high school.

Miss Healey, Attendance Officer quotes,

“Each child is important to us and we hope that the time spent at Greenmount Primary will furnish them with happy memories. We celebrate good attendance with prizes and certificates and are here to support our families by putting in place certain interventions so they can overcome obstacles that may affect their child’s attendance.”

Miss Carr, Headteacher states,

“Every day counts and we have been working to develop more innovative strategies to ensure all children attend school.  This poster competition has really enthused our pupils and we can see the impact it is having on our increasing attendance figures”.

All we need to do now is get travel agents to reduce the cost of holidays in term time!