Safeguarding workshops at Asha

Asha Neighbourhood Project in partnership with the West Yorkshire Police delivered a series of Safeguarding Awareness workshops for local women, service users and volunteers.

The workshops empowered them with the  knowledge of their rights and local issues in order for them integrate, improve their English, improve confidence to access universal services and support other women by signposting them to relevant services.

The Asha Neighbourhood Project aims to improve the lives of all women and children in South Leeds. We aim to give our users a wider knowledge of their rights, opportunities and services available to them in order for them to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Asha encourages participation by empowering service users through confidence building sessions, awareness and information sharing workshops to widen an individual’s knowledge base. We also provide opportunities for women to become more involved in their community through activities such as volunteering to gain skills and experience.

This year we have successfully recruited 23 volunteers from the community who have been in the UK for less than 10 years to help them gain knowledge and experience in volunteering and to become community champions.

In delivering a series of safeguarding workshops, we expect women to become more skilled, confident, less isolated and more engaged with their neighbourhood.

We are hoping the workshops will address issues including lack of confidence, fear of difference, social isolation, prejudice, and racism and community cohesion. We want to help women become more confident in dealing with difficult situations in the everyday lives and to have more motivation to cope and succeed.

The women discussed topics such as drugs, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, grooming etc. In September 2019, we will be looking to arrange safeguarding workshops in relation to knives and crimes, hate crime, cyber-crime, fraud etc.

If you want further information, free, confidential support or you are interested in volunteering for Asha Neighbourhood project please email on (0113) 270 4600.


This post was written by Tahena Ahmed

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