Rockin’ away the afternoon with Holbeck Elderly Aid

danicing at the backSt. Matthew’s Community Centre was buzzing again with Holbeck Elderly Aid‘s festive annual social on Monday (15 December 2014).

An invitation was sent to all service users and volunteers who had been a part of the charity for the last year. As I volunteer each Wednesday doing the IT group I was invited along. It was a chance for us to put ‘our’ feet up and be waited on. However, the South Leeds Life volunteer in me wasn’t taking time off, as I was soon snapping away and taking notes.

The event has been running for years and it is the guys from Arena Group who help make this happen for Holbeck Elderly Aid. Arena Group are a local firm based in Robin Hood, that specialise in photocopiers and desktop printers. It is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, and the five staff members here have been given a free day to do this. When I arrive they are in their suits busying away serving everyone sarnies from the buffet. They have also helped donate a packed out table full of free raffle prizes.

Graham and LeahGareth and Leah have been doing this for 4 years consecutively.

They both say: “It’s great to revisit and see the same faces. They can’t thank you enough. I’m sure we get more out of it than they do!”

Next up was Terri Ann, our entertainer for the next hour. She was dressed in a red Santa dress with a thin shiny black belt, black tights and a Santa hat with flowing blond locks. If that wasn’t enough to get you in the festive mood she then proceeded to belt out a selection of  60’s songs and Christmas hits on her backing track PA system.  ‘Rock Around the Clock’,  ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ and ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ got them up jiving at the back.

Terri Ann joined more elderly members who couldn’t get up to dance by holding their hands and bringing the singing to them. It was a lovely moment even as good as when Terri Ann stated ‘All she wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth!’ the toddler in the room shouted “Yes!”

Thanks to Holbeck Elderly Aid who have made this possible for their service users, and giving their volunteers a entertaining break! I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking the charity myself, I have been made to feel so welcome and part of a big family in the community. I urge anyone who finds themselves with a spare morning to offer their time to volunteer with Holbeck Elderly Aid – you won’t regret it.

Barclays supported the Holbeck Elderly Aid lunch at St. Matthews yesterday. The fun never stops in Holbeck. Merry Christmas!