Residents meetings for Hunslet & Riverside ward – March 2022

Hunslet & Riverside Councillors have set up three residents meetings for this month.

This is an opportunity for local residents and businesses to:
• raise issues,
• discuss and develop projects,
• have conversations with your ward councillors, police and council services.

Beeston Hill
Open to people who live or work within the local area of the Beverleys, Clovellys, Flaxtons, Garnets, Greenmounts, Hardys, Harlechs, Lady Pit Lane, Lindens, Lodges, Mauds, Oakleys, Rington Road, Rowlands, Seftons, Stratfords, Sunbeams, Tempest Road, Trentham, Wickham Street and the Westbournes

When: Monday 14 March 2022 | 6:30-8pm
Location: Hamara Healthy Living Centre, Tempest Road, Leeds, LS11 6RD

Hunslet Moor & Hall
Open to people who live or work within the local area of Admiral St, Bismarcks, Burtons, Crescent Towers, Crescent Grange, Cockburns, Couplands, Dewsbury Road, Disrealis, Dobsons, Envoy St., Fairfords, Garnets, Hunslet Hall Road, Longroyds, Maltings, Moor Crescent Chase, Moor Crescent, Moorville Road, Northcotes, Oakleys, Poulton Pl. Primrose Lane, Rawson Terrace, St Peter’s Ct., Tunstall Road, Waverley Garth.

When: Thursday 17 March 2022 | 6:30-8pm
Location: Dewsbury Road Community Hub, 190 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 6PF

Hunslet Green & Whitfields
Open to people who live in the local areas of Penny lane way, The Oval, Gardeners Court, Hillidge Road, Hunslet Green Way, Grange Road, Grange Close, Jack Lane, Joseph Street, Prosper Street, Joseph Street, Elmtree Lane, Gabriel Court, Whitfield Square, Whitfield Garden, Whitfield Way, Whitfield Avenue.

When: Thursday 31 March 2022 | 6:30-8pm
Location: Hunslet Community Hub & Library, Waterloo Street, Leeds LS10 2NS

All welcome, refreshments will also be provided at the start of the meeting.