Residents in Beeston and Holbeck say ‘NO’ to Cold Callers


A Cold Calling Control Zone has been set up to protect the residents in the Beeston and Holbeck Ward from Cold Callers, which has been funded by Housing Leeds and Leeds Community Safety.

PCSO Rob Manning, PCSO Carl Longbottom and Inspector Chris Bowen
PCSO Rob Manning, PCSO Carl Longbottom and Inspector Chris Bowen

In recent years, through the help of West Yorkshire Trading Standards and partner organisations such as the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Cold Calling Control Zones have been funded in areas where residents have suffered at the hands of rogue traders, doorstep criminals and unsolicited sales people.

The zones have been hailed a huge success nationally and have received a warm welcome from residents. Zones have been shown to reduce overall crime in the areas where they have been launched.

The Holbeck zone was launched on Wednesday 19 March when Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team distributed stickers and leaflets to residents. Signs will be erected shortly to warn traders that they are entering a Cold Calling Control Zone. The Beeston zone was launched on Thursday 20 March.

Cllr Adam Ogilvie – Community Safety Area Lead Member for Inner South Area Committee, said:

“A number of criminals do pose as doorstep salespeople and bogus utility company officials and the implementation of these ‘Cold Calling Control Zones’ helps to raise awareness over the type of tactics often employed by doorstep criminals and also brings this type of criminal activity to the forefront of people’s minds. Working in partnership to inform and advise residents helps to combat this issue in the most effective way.”

Simon Costigan, Chief Officer, Housing Leeds said, “We are really keen to be part of such a proactive initiative, working in partnership to combat this type of criminal activity, helping tenants and residents to feel safer in their homes.”

For further information on Cold Calling Control Zones please visit or telephone the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

Streets in Holbeck zone: Balm Place, Balm Walk, Pleasant Street, Pleasant Place, Pleasant Terrace, St Matthews Street, Ingram Gardens, Ingram Close, Ingram View, Ingram Road, Cross Ingram Road

Streets in Beeston Zone: Waincliffe Drive, Waincliffe Place, Waincliffe Square, Waincliffe Crescent, Waincliffe Mount, Waincliffe Terrace, Waincliffe Garth, Cardinal Road, Cardinal Crescent, Cardinal Avenue, Cardinal Grove, Cardinal Walk, Cardinal Square, Redhall Close, Redhall Crescent, Redhall Gate, Thirlmere Close, Thirlmere Gardens