My First Time At Parkrun In Beeston

My first time at parkrun in Cross Flatts Park was really good. My time was 00:49:24 which is good and I finished in 109th place so how’s that?Mind you I was walking with Kenneth Ingram from South Leeds Life and South Leeds Community Radio.

Made some new friends down there as well. It was a bit nippy and foggy but just before I’d finished the sun came out. I was also told by Nicola that I should give it a go. I thought it was going to be hard, that’s why I did not want to do it.

Also on my travels I said hello to Al Garthwaite the old Director of South Leeds Community Radio who I had worked with sometimes e.g. Christmas Parties, a Come Dine with Science. Also my day was about to get better or so when I saw Jeremy Morton. So I will not be at the parkrun next Saturday, but hopefully the Saturday after. If you want to know what event I’m going to it is a 1950s Night at Beeston Parish Centre visit the website for more details: So that’s me done.

Also check this video I made:

The End

This article was written by Jonathan Chapman using our Community Reporters website