Residents back River C’Aire flood cleanup

Residents from the H2010 riverside development in Hunslet put their efforts into helping the clean up following the Boxing Day floods in Leeds.

Storm Eva led to record river levels and a huge amount of debris was taken downstream by the fast flowing River Aire. Much of that debris was dumped in Stourton around the Thwaite Mills Museum. South Leeds Life has reported previously about the community clear up efforts.

John Cummins from Groundwork Leeds commented:

“It was a great session on Saturday. I was so impressed by the group’s efforts but mainly by how cheerful and pleasant they all were. It was a truly international event: of the 8 people there we had an Italian, a Pole, a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian, an American. And there was me as the only Brit!”

If you would like to get involved in similar projects you can visit or contact the Groundwork Leeds office on (0113) 238 0601.