Register now to vote in May elections


ballot boxPeople in Leeds are being reminded to make sure they are on the electoral register by the end of the month.

Next May will see important elections when one Councillor in each ward is elected and regional MEPs are elected to represent Yorkshire in Strasbourg. In order to vote on 22 May 2014, you must be on the electoral register by 1 November 2013.

In total 340,000 registration forms have been sent out to all households in the city and details should be confirmed with Leeds City Council by November 1 to ensure everyone eligible to vote can do so.

If there are no changes to your details you can let the council know by text message, online or by calling a special Freephone number. Forms may also be returned free by post in the pre-paid envelope provided, although the council will save 17p for every household that uses internet, Freephone or text registration instead.

Susanna Benton, electoral services manager, Leeds City Council, said:

“It is essential to ensure you’re registered in time to be able to vote and it really helps us to keep costs to a minimum if people can respond via text or online if their details are unchanged.”

Doing this on time will also save the council further costs in sending out reminders by post or following up with visits to homes to check details, as required by law.

People with no changes should email , call Freephone 0808 284 1450, text 07786 209 350 or visit to confirm this.

If you have further queries you can call the LCC elections helpline on 0113 224 4411. It is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.