Reading for fun at Westwood Primary

Here at Westwood Primary School, we really believe in promoting a love for Reading throughout the school. Our children love reading both at school and at home and this is very clear from the conversations we have with the children and parents. We have recently started promoting #leedslovesreading, which we are going to launch more over the next few weeks. This is going to be another way we will demonstrate as a school how enthusiastic we are about the subject.

We were very much inspired by Carry Franklin the creator of ‘Leeds Free Libraries’  and to mark her wonderful legacy and to continue to keep her project alive we have built and installed our very own ‘Little Free Library’ in our school. The purpose of the library is to promote the love of reading. Children can put their old books in and take new ones away with them. The Little library is a really fun way to inspire the children to read and is already proving to be very popular, we are sure this will continue for years to come.


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