Read our October newspaper online

We have been distributing copies of the October newspaper to venues around LS10 and LS11 yesterday and today (Thursday 1 October 2020).

Copies are available from various food shops including Beeston Co-op, Middleton Asda and Dewsbury Road Tescos as well as many small neighbourhood shops. Copies are also available at charity shops and pubs.

We have been unable to deliver to many regular pick up points including libraries, schools, GP practices and community centres. We have delivered to care homes and sheltered flats and to the Neighbourhood Networks who are organising visits to older people.

If your local venue hasn’t got any copies or has run out, please let us know, email:

Remember, if you become a pound-a-week supporting subscriber we will deliver a copy to your door.

Alternatively you can read it online here:


One Reply to “Read our October newspaper online”

  1. Dear Editor,
    Am I the only person in the country who believes that Covid 19 has taught us the absolute fallacy of having 4 separate parliaments within the UK? Each one is telling their people something different and setting different rules, yet we are a tiny island in the eastern Atlantic and the variations between the 4 countries of the UK are ridiculous. Even worse, we have local variations within these small countries. The UK is not large enough to have all these variations , let alone local ones where Leeds is different from Wakefield just a few miles away . Where does it stop? Will we be told nest that Belle Isle and Beeston are bad, but Middleton is relatively clear? It’s time that Westminster took the UK by the scruff of the neck and set a level playing field for all. It would also help if we returned to some travel restrictions, e.g. 25 miles from home unless demonstrably on business, to avoid spreading the virus. Replies welcome.

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