Rachel says “Slimming World has changed my life for the better”

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Rachel knew she was overweight and reality hit when she went on holiday in June 2017, sitting on the plane and only just being able to fasten the seat belt, she knew then she had to do something.

Back home she saw a poster for a Slimming World group on a Friday morning in Middleton. She plucked up the courage and went along to join. She couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was and finding out she could still enjoy her favourite meals following the Food Optimising plan.

“I went away full of information, I made cottage pie, soups and good old egg chips and beans.”

The following week Rachel had lost a fantastic 6lb! Fast forward a year and Rachel has lost an incredible 5st 2lb never feeling hungry or deprived, filling up on lots of free foods and enjoying nights out, living life to the full.

“My holiday this year: well there was lots of ‘wiggle’ room wearing the seat belt and being more active. The best thing was my partner proposed and I said yes!”

Rachel is now so much more confident, fitter and healthier, she now has a new found love of cooking healthy meals.

“I’m so glad I walked through those doors, Slimming World has changed my life for the better.”

Groups are held daily throughout South Leeds check slimmingworld.co.uk for details and search for the nearest group.


This post was written by Tracy Petch of Slimming World.