Problems with 86 bus reported – what do you think?

fix my transportThe number 86 bus route – operated by First Leeds – runs right through the heart of south leeds – but according to one report, it’s becoming increasingly unreliable.

Local resident Enrico Giacani has reported the problem to the Fix My Transport website. He said:

“Every day the bus is late … without fail! Service is meant to be every 30 minutes but you’re lucky if it’s every 90 minutes.

“Please help me to persuade First Leeds to gfet their act together and run buses on time in Leeds.”

The service runs between Pudsey, Armley and Middleton and runs through Holbeck, Beeston, and Hunslet. You can show your support for Mr Giacani by clicking here.

First Leeds, to their credit, have responded to Mr Giacani’s concerns on the site. Customer services agent Laura Green has asked for specific details of the problems, adding:

“… I do recognise the frustrations of customers on theservice. It is of course in our interests to operate an attractive and punctual service to both current and potential customers and we are attempting to address the concerns of passengers.

“All services are monitored by our ‘GPS tracker’ system and routes are amended as required. Our punctuality working group looks at concerns and works with Metro to address problems depending on the nature and prioritises those routes with the poorest performance to address such matters as would beunderstandable.

“Please also be assured that I have forwarded your concerns to the Network Planner for his attention in order to monitor the service and assess reliability and punctuality on the service.”

Meanwhile, David Israel has called for more accurate information at bus stops after waiting at a stop for the number 2/12 services.

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  1. in reply to the problem with first Leeds bus company, i know how the people feel i travel almost daily on the buses 74, as for the 85/87, this service is almost a joke, almost never on time, the timetable is useless, can someone explain why the 87 stop running to the white rose so early, if i remember rightly the last one going is 1.10 from hunslet shopping center, and coming back the last one is 1.40, time table say 2.40 never turns up,
    the 49 is just as bad so called 10 min service i’ve stood on broadlea rd/terrace for up to a hour waiting to go back into town,

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