Policing in Beeston Village

We asked our 200 followers on Twitter (@SouthLeedsLife) what they would like to see covered in the blog. @MaggieH69 got back to ask:

“What is being done to tackle crime in Beeston Village area?”

We emailed Inspector Damien Miller from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, here’s his response:

“Currently a snap shot of performance is Burglary Dwelling offences from 1st April 2011 until 25th September are down by 16% (33 fewer offences) compared with the same period last year.  This is on the back of the 40% (239 fewer offences) reduction we had last year 1st April 2010 – 1st April 2011.  

Criminal damage is down by 9% (53 fewer offences), theft of motor vehicles is down by 9% (7 fewer offences).  Robbery & assault offencescurrently remain static.  

We have seen an increase in offences of theft from motor vehicles which has risen by 62 offences.  The main reason for this is that we saw an increase in reported offences where the front and rear registration plates on vehicles had been stolen.  We are now able to provide tamper proof screws to prevent these.  The community are encouraged to contact the Crime Reduction Officer PC John Cockcroft on 0113 285 5446 who will arrange for them to be fitted.”

Inspector Miller also commented on the new initiative in Cottingley which we previously reported here:

“The Cottingley Closer Communities Project is being launched on the back of the successful ‘Cardinal’s Closer Communities Project’ we did last year which led to ASB being cut by 50% and criminal offences by a third.  We still take part in the monthly walkabouts on the estate and patrol the whole of Beeston on a daily basis addressing the concerns of the public.

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