Mapped: Still time to add to our map of South Leeds groups

There’s still time to add to our interactive map of community groups in South Leeds.


Since we launched our map back in August it’s had almost 900 views and several groups have added their organisations or facilities to the map, which is open to all to edit and we hope is a useful resource for all.

To navigate around the map, simply use the ‘pan’ circle in the top left hand corner of the map. You may find it easier to view the larger version of the map – simply click the ‘view larger map’ at the bottom left of the map.

The map is open for you to add your group or organisation/service or amend any details that are on there – it’s not a comprehensive list. It’s really easy to use. Simply click on ‘view larger map’ and click on ‘edit’ in the left hand column.You’re now ready to add to the map.

A blue placemarker will show up in the top left hand corner – simply drag the placemarker to where you want it to go on the map, and double click on it to add your details. If you’re adding a link, click onto ‘rich text’ on the placemarker to show the tools which will allow you to do this and highlight the word you want to add the link to. Once you’ve finished adding all the details you want, click OK.

Then go back to the column to the left of the map, click ‘saved’ then ‘done’.

UPDATED: You need to have and be signed into a Google account to be able to edit. Apols for any confusion – and thanks to Steve Peacock for pointing out!

If you have any problems, drop me an email – – and I’ll try to help. Alternatively if you don’t fancy having a go at the map, simply post your details in the comments section below (don’t forget to include the address of the group) and I’ll add it to the map for you.