Police clamp down on anti-social behaviour in Beeston Hill

Police have secured a dispersal order to combat crime and anti-social behaviour in Beeston Hill.

The order, which starts today, is scheduled to run until the 14th June next year.

Under the dispersal order officers and PCSOs have powers to order people out of a designated area if they believe they could go on to commit acts of anti-social behaviour.

People refusing to leave the area or not following the rules of the dispersal order will be arrested with a maximum penalty of three months’ imprisonment and/or a fine of £5,000.

Also forming part of the new measures, young people aged under 16 are prohibited from public spaces within the dispersal order zone from 9pm through to 6am, unless they are accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult over 18 years of age.

Beeston Hill dispersal order
The order covers this part of Beeston Hill

The area covers all roads surrounded by Dewsbury Road from the car park of the One Stop Centre, north towards the city, left along the footpath behind the Northcote Estate until the edge of the westbound M621 Motorway.

The boundary then follows the M621 onto the slip road exit onto Cemetery Road, the full length of Cemetery Road to the junction with Beeston Road, east towards the junction with Lodge Lane, following this road to the junction with Sunbeam Place, along Sunbeam Terrace and then east along Rowland Road to the junction with Lady Pit Lane, then along Lady Pit Lane to the footpath that runs beside St Francis of Assisi School and back towards Dewsbury Road.

Inspector Jonathan Aldred, who leads the Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

“We have successfully applied for a dispersal order to increase our ability to combat the nuisance type of behaviour that can often lead to more serious anti-social behaviour.

“Members of the public, local businesses and visitors to the area have the right to enjoy this part of Leeds without being unduly affected or intimidated by groups of people. The dispersal order gives us additional powers to prevent this from happening.

“Forming part of a range of measures to make the dispersal order as successful as possible, we are working alongside Leeds City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and local housing providers to put in place a range of measures against those whose behaviour adversely affects the lives of those living in Beeston Hill.

“This can include limitations placed on troublemakers movements through an anti-social behaviour order or tenancy action, including the possibility of eviction, from anyone living in Leeds City Council owed property.

“We are aware of recent incidents in and around Bismarck Street and the Folly Lane area and this type of legislation allows us to actively target and remove potential troublemakers from the area quickly and effectively.

“This preventative measure allows us to stop anti-social behaviour before it starts.

“Raising awareness of the new measures, posters are on display in local shops, businesses and on street furniture within the areas affected by the dispersal order.

“Members of the public requiring further information on the dispersal order can contact the Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team on: 0113 2414629 or via: 101.”