16 year old Sarata Sawo from Beeston has written this poem in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign:




Black is working 10 times harder to get to A

Which a white man gets with a click

You get to A you’re hard to defeat


It’s growing up wanting to be white

As your hair is “nappy”

Your darkness is “ugly”

Did you not know

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice


It’s expressing yourself to others

To then be called “aggressive”

But deep down your are just more passionate

And they are scared of your skin


It’s being told to go back to Africa

Not all of us are african

Most of us were born here too


It’s being told all lives matter

In reality if they did

My people wouldn’t get killed


When black is magic

Black is excellence

Black is beautiful

And black lives matter


This post was written by Sarata Sawo

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9 Replies to “Poem: Black”

  1. Well done my niece and well said. We are all behind you to give all the support you need.. keep it up

    1. Great, Saranya!
      I am sure you have many more beautiful poems and articles to come in the near future.

      We are proud of you!
      Sawo Kunda

  2. Sara, you’re right! If black lives matter, we won’t be killed like insects

  3. Well done; I enjoyed reading your very powerful message. If only EVERYONE could read it and take notice we might hope for, and look to, a more bright and equal future without any hate and antagonism.

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