Planting a fruitful idea in Middleton

Emma Tabor is a woman on a mission – to see more fruit trees in Middleton.

Emma Tabor with her daughter Katherine

“We have quite a lot of trees planted on the estate, but they are not fruit trees. Wouldn’t it be good if we could enjoy the trees and pick and eat the fruit?” she asks.

“A project like this could help bring the community together and the big beneficiaries will be our children who will grow up as the trees mature. In the longer term I’d like to put QR codes on the trees so people can scan them, find out what type of fruit it is and maybe even share recipes.”

Once grown and producing fruit, residents would be able to pick and eat fruit from the trees for free. Other community orchards have been planted at Cottingley Hall and Cross Flatts Park in Beeston.

Emma has got permission to plant her first community orchard on a piece of green space owned by the Council close to her home off Towcester Avenue near to Thorpe Lane.

With a small team of volunteers, Emma is now fundraising the £1,000 she needs to buy her first fruit trees.

If you can help or would like to get involved, please contact Emma via her Facebook Page:

You donate directly on Emma’s Just Giving page: