Planning applications 8 August 2022

Each week we publish lists of planning applications related to LS10 and LS11 published on on the Leeds City Council website.

The following applications were validated in the week beginning Monday 8 August 2022:


Determination of telecommunications for 20m swann lattice tower with delta headframe housing 6no. vf antennas and 6no. tef antennas, 2no. 0.3m and 2no. 0.6m dish, with 1no. csc cabinet, 1no. eltek psu cabinet and vf 2no. ers rack, along with all ancillary equipment thereto. 

Geo Fabrics Skelton Grange Road Stourton Leeds LS10 1RD

Ref. No: 22/05348/DTM | Status: Current

3.50m single storey rear extension, 3.93m to ridge height and 2.85m to eaves 

7 Sissons Street Middleton Leeds LS10 4LE

Ref. No: 22/05414/DHH | Status: Current

Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey extension 

Sharp Lane Primary School Sharp Lane Middleton Leeds LS10 4QE

Ref. No: 22/04961/FU | Status: Current

Retrospective application for storage container to front of unit 

7 Lockwood Close Beeston Leeds LS11 5UU

Ref. No: 22/04477/FU | Status: Current

Change of use from five self-contained flats to form four serviced apartments 

112 Cemetery Road Beeston Leeds LS11 8BE

Ref. No: 22/04641/FU | Status: Current


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  1. how would i go about applying for new build housing at middleton. Iam 58years of age and working I have eplipsey controlled and at risk of evition could you help me register for a council new build please .

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