Arthingtons possible Trap House in Beeston, Leeds

Cllr Paul Wray

Arthingtons Trap House: I’ve become aware of a possible trap house (drug den) property on the Arthingtons in Hunslet Carr.
From the information I’ve been given, West Yorkshire Police (WYP) are already aware of the property but I will contact the local Inspector and and the Leeds Antisocial Behaviour Team to find out where we are in the process of dealing with the property.

The level of information needed to acquire a Closure Order is quite significant, so it is really important that residents do report any issues of criminality that they see.
Please ring 101 if you have information or to report a non-emergency incident. You can also contact 101 Live Chat (which is much faster) linked below.

You should always call 999 if you feel that you or somebody else is in danger.
If someone contacts 101 or 101 Live Chat and they provide detailed information for intelligence, WYP will not contact them back. This doesn’t mean the information isn’t being used – but the volume of intelligence WYP receives makes it impractical to do such courtesy responses when their resources are so stretched.

WYP will normally only contact you back due to an intelligent report via 101 or 101 Live Chat if they need more information.
I know it is disheartening but your vital intelligence is not being ignored.