Picture perfect: Top floor view from Crescent Towers – Plus ‘In Bloom’

Holbeck view
View from Crecent Towers over Beeston Hill and Holbeck

What a fabulous view of South Leeds and beyond those community stalwarts Dennis Kitchen and Ian Pickup have!

The duo, who are the brains behind The Voice of Holbeck, Holbeck in Bloom and Friends of Holbeck Social Club, live on the top floor in Crescent Towers at the bottom of Dewsbury Road. As you can see, it’s quite a view!

To the left there’s Beeston Hill, and you can also spot the Greenhouse in the centre of the photo. Here at South Leeds Life we reckon you can see as far as Old Farnley in the distance!

Leeds In Bloom awarded Park Fisheries a gold award

Ian, meanwhile, has asked us to point out that Beeston Park Fisheries – the 2011 South Leeds Life Champion chippy! – recently won Gold in the Leeds in Bloom competition. Well done to them!

Judith Murton reported last week how Beeston had scooped eight awards at the awards ceremony.

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  1. Also notice Hillside, just to the left of the Greenhouse as you look at it. What a lot of trees there are. Beeston is not known for trees but here it looks positively leafy!

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