PFI: Council apologises for not keeping residents informed

Leeds City Council have apologised for not keeping residents informed about delays to the troubled Housing PFI scheme in Holbeck and Beeston Hill.

Anne Hopper
Anne Hopper

Anne Hopper is a member of the Residents Reference Panel that have advised throughout the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) process. She explained what had happened at the workshop to discuss the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan on Saturday.

Concerns had been raised with local politicians about the lack of information provided to residents. As a result, the Council had invited representatives of the Panel to a meeting. At the meeting the Council promised that it would ensure residents were told immediately of any changes in the position.

Anne said that in December 2012 the government had told the Council that it required the developers (sc4L) to alter its funding package and raise money via the bonds market, as this would substantially reduce interest costs (by up to £20 million) over the lifetime of the scheme.

Anne indicated that it might take some time for the new financing to be put in place but confirmed that if the community consultation group heard nothing further in a couple of months it would press the Council for a further meeting.


This article was written by Stephen Williamson using our Community Reporters website

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