Fun Days raises money for Girl Guides

I went to The Parnaby Tavern (my local) last Saturday.  It was a bit cooler day than we have kensblogtwobeen getting of late, so was a nice touch to see  they were selling tea & coffee from behind the bar. I arrived about an hour after the event started to get there when things were in full flow – already plenty of families were enjoying the Girl Guides’ fun day.

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Among the many stalls: a Tombola (when do we ever go to one of these fun days when there isn’t one?!) raising funds for good courses; Face Painting with young children going round looking like lions; a  Bouncy Castle, and various other stalls. Someone was trying his best to get the barbecue going by using all sorts of measures – lighter fuel & a blow lamp! I’m very glad they did not use petrol. I reckon there was a very good turned out of about 150 people raising money for the Girls Guides.


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