Park View children help load refugee aid

On Wednesday 25 January, four students from Year 6 in Park View Primary Academy helped refugees of Iraq by sending Clothes, Bed, sheets, shoes nappies and other items that will keep them warm.

The Vice Principal, Mrs Annable, took the four children to the Holy Spirit Church, Beeston Hill to load all of the items that the refugees urgently need into a lorry.

It was a great team effort as they all were put in a line and passed on the boxes and bags to the next person so that it could be loaded on the lorry.

Along with the other volunteers, the children managed to carry 550 boxes and 150 bags. The children have really worked hard today. At the end the hall the things were half gone!

Mrs Annable, Vice Principal at Park View said: “I am incredibly proud of how our pupils gave up their own time to support this charity.”

Ed Carlisle adds:

For the third year running, and for the second time this winter, local people here in South Leeds have worked together to run a Samara’s Aid appeal (formerly Leeds2Iraq), sending lorry-loads of donations to people in mountainous refugee camps in northern Iraq. Last month saw the latest load go, and some of the pupils at Park View Primary Academy came to help out.


This post was written by Hamza and Zainul using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.