Parents say no return to school until it’s safe

Primary schools have been encouraged to open for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from today (1June 2020) by the Government, but South Leeds Life is not aware that any in South Leeds are doing so.

Plans are being made by some schools to reopen from next Monday (8 June), whilst other schools are waiting to reassess the situation next week. For example Cottingley Primary Academy will be reopening to Y6, Y1 and Reception children on Monday 8 June; Hunslet Carr Primary and St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy will be staggering the return of year groups; Beeston Hill St Luke’s will only be opening for Y6 at this stage; and Lane End Primary have decided not to reopen before 15 June at the earliest.

Parents with children in these age groups are advised to check with their children’s school to find out what the arrangements are locally. The Government has also clarified that should parents decide to keep their children at home they will not be fined for non-attendance.

There are widespread concerns amongst teachers and parents that schools are being opened too soon with the National Education Union calling for Five Tests to be met before reopening:

  1. Much lower numbers of Covid-19 cases
  2. A national plan for social distancing
  3. Testing, testing, testing!
  4. Whole school strategy
  5. Protection for the vulnerable

A meeting this ​Tuesday (2 June 2020) ​at 6pm will take place to launch the ​Leeds Parents For a Safe Return Campaign​. The Campaign has been set up by parents in Leeds to discuss their concerns about the wider opening of schools that the government are pushing to happen from today, Monday 1st June.

‘We support our schools and want our children to return. But only when it’s safe’

The Government’s own scientific advisors have stated that it is not yet safe to reopen schools. Many councils are refusing to reopen today for that reason and a broader reopening of schools is not supported by the National Education Union.

The meeting will be an opportunity to come together to listen to a Leeds MP, a Public health expert and local teachers – and, most of all, for parents to share views, experiences and concerns, ask questions and plan actions to support teachers, and each other, in saying ​No Return Until it’s Safe.

Meeting details:

Tuesday 2 June 2020 at 6pm​ – held on Zoom (Joining details will be posted on the group’s Facebook event here)

Chair: Sarah Allison (parent); Speakers: Richard Burgon MP; John Puntis (public health expert), Chris Dyson (Headteacher) and parents.


Photo: Reception children at Elements Primary School taken in 2018


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  1. This looks a great initiative with the government opening schools further AGAINST scientific advice and even before their own tests met. Don’t let them do to our schools what they did to care homes. I’ll be at the meeting

    1. My sons don’t meet they year groups but even if they did I wouldn’t be sending them as my 10 year old gets phnewmonia every year and has bad asthma so none of mine would be going back unit it’s 100% safe for them

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