Oy, who’s got The Tivoli’s roof?!

Former Tivoli Cinema Middleton
Can anyone shed any light on the missing roof at The Tivoli in Middleton?

Can anyone unravel the mystery of the missing roof from the old Tivoli Cinema in Middleton?

The Tivoli in better days. Photo: Paul Hebden for the Middleton Life project

The roof of the historic cinema – which dates back to 1934 – seems to have gone missing.

South Leeds Life have made some enquiries – but local councillors are in the dark and apparently the police have not had a crime reported.

We’re told the council has apparently checked the building to ensure there is no danger to public but the owners of the building are not known at moment, so the council can’t contact them about it.

The cinema closed around 1960/61 (I was a Teenage Werewolf was the last film to be shown there) and it later reopened as a bingo hall.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3r2Nt6SCW4&w=420&h=315]

Sadly The Tivoli’s been closed for some years now but is held in high regard by older Middleton residents. It’s a shame to see a part of our heritage open to the elements as it is now.

If you know what’s happened to the missing roof or would like to share your memories of the Tivoli, post a comment below.

4 Replies to “Oy, who’s got The Tivoli’s roof?!”

    1. I’ve heard a local scrap merchants has bought the building and has taken the roof away due to asbestos concerns – whether that’s true or not I’m not sure – no-one seems to have a definitive answer!

  1. It’s a shame to see it dismantled. If it can’t be saved we shall have to make sure its memory lives on!

    My grandma used to be the stewardess there (if that’s what you call the person with the torch and tray of ice cream, it’s so long now since the cinematic experience included such niceties that I’m not sure!). My mum has fond memories of regularly watching the Sunday matinee there (possibly snuck in through the back door by said Grandma, if admiting that now isn’t likely to lead to back dated ticket charges!!).

    Any one else??

  2. Tree, usherette is the word, I think!

    Old cinemas are very evocative… I remember singing Adam Faith hits at Saturday morning cinema in the early sixties and getting a 1s 6d box of Liquorice Allsorts for my troubles!

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