Nomad Clan reveal new mural ‘Cosmic Rhapsody’ in Holbeck

Internationally acclaimed street art duo Nomad Clan have been commissioned by the children of Holbeck and theatre company Slung Low to paint a giant mural celebrating everyone’s creative potential.

Slung Low is resident in Ingram Road Primary School and works closely with a small group of children, the self-titled Imaginative Intelligence Warriors (IIW), who commission the company to create events and initiatives for the people of Holbeck. This has included a kindness festival, an opera and now this mural on the side of The Warehouse in Holbeck, part of the Jamyang Buddhist complex.

Artist AYLO Nomad said:

“This mural is a shout-out to the importance of nurturing creativity, not just in kids, but in everyone. Theatre isn’t just a place for plays and performances; it’s a sanctuary where dreams are celebrated, and imaginations run wild. The intention with this mural is to inspire creativity, encourage young minds to dream big and beyond the mundane.”

The building is owned by the Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds so her artistic partner Cbloxx Nomad explained:

“When viewed through a lens of Buddhist philosophy we considered sentiments around every individual carrying the seed of enlightenment within, mindfulness, compassion, self-discovery, the act of creativity as a meditative state of repetition and doing, creative flow state often only arrives when the mind is silent … being at one with the action.

“We included Leeds’ ever-present Owl, a sly nod to the giant Leeds Mural ‘Athena Rising’ as well as representing knowledge, and connectivity with the natural world which continuously grounds us and gives us a sense of perspective on our significance. West Yorkshire’s white rose symbol is deeply rooted in the region’s proud history and identity, connecting all who reside in the best riding of the bunch!”

Sarah Millard, headteacher at Ingram Road explained:

“The Imaginative Intelligence Warriors meet monthly with Slung Low, as well visiting their events for inspiration of what is possible. When the children worked with Nomad Clan, creativity and expanding horizons, values deeply rooted in our school’s ethos, were high up on their asks. It’s wonderful to stand in front of it and those same children point out specifics they asked for, understanding their voices are powerful and valued.”

Alan Lane, Artistic Director of Slung Low added:

“The children at Ingram Road Primary School are our most important creative partners. The IIW were the first people invited to The Warehouse in Holbeck when we started this great adventure with Jamyang Leeds. We all hope that the new art piece is loved by the people of Holbeck, inspiring everyone to look for their own creativity.”

Slung Low’s Community Director, Ruth Saxton continued:

“We always promise the best to the IIW and there are none better than Nomad Clan, sensational artists. When we approached them we all knew it was a great fit. And working with the brilliant children sealed it for the Nomads, they were blown away by their imagination and clarity.”

Jamyang Leeds said:

“It is so important to acknowledge and express the experiences and creativity of the children in Holbeck. As the creative, educational and spiritual hub of Holbeck, sharing, working together and developing our hearts and minds, we can achieve great things based on our common shared values such as love, compassion and creativity, to inspire, achieve our full potential and to benefit others. ‘Wow, wow, wow’ as our teacher Lama Zopa would have said.”

The mural will be officially unveiled in a ceremony at 5pm on Thursday 6 July 2023.


This post is based on a press release issued by Slung Low


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