No change as Labour hold three South Leeds wards

Labour candidates have held all three south Leeds wards in the Leeds City Council election with Gohar Almass winning in Beeston & Holbeck; Mohammed Iqbal winning in Hunslet & Riverside and Sharon Burke winning in Middleton Park.

Both Hunslet & Riverside and Middleton Park wards were being tipped in the city for upsets, but neither Ed Carlisle (Green Party) or Wayne Dixon (SDP) were able to make the breakthrough. This followed the voting pattern across the city where very few seats changed hands. Labour remain in control of the city council with 54 of the 99 seats.

In Hunslet & Riverside ward Mohammed Iqbal held onto his seat by just 232 votes from Ed Carlisle who has been fighting the seat since 2015.

Mohammed Iqbal told South Leeds Life:

“I am grateful to the people of Hunslet and Riverside Ward who have placed their trust in me once again to be their councillor for next four years. We are an excellent team, Cllr Elizabeth Nash, Councillor Paul Wray and myself.

“We have reached out to every section of our ward, Leeds city centre, East Hunslet, West Hunslet and Beeston Hill to listen to people’s concerns, support all the projects and improve services. I am glad that people have recognised our hard work and commitment over the years. Party Politics ends after the Election Day, we will continue to work hard for the people of Hunslet and Riverside Ward.”

Ed Carlisle commented:

“Huge thanks to all those who supported us. Democracy is hard graft (!) – but we remain utterly committed to our communities here in south Leeds, and it’s great to see the Greens surging nationally. Get in touch anytime to work with us locally, to make good things happen.”

In Middleton Park ward Sharon Burke was elected to replace Judith Blake who stood down from the council to take up her seat in the House of Lords. Wayne Dixon increased his share of the vote from 23% to 35%. Speaking to South Leeds Life, Wayne Dixon said:

“I’m pleased to have received an extra 900 votes, but disappointed that Labour chose to campaign against me personally rather than on policies.”

The results in full:

Beeston & Holbeck ward

Labour and Co-operative Party GAIN
Elected: ALMASS Gohar

Candidate Description Votes
ALMASS Gohar Labour and Co-operative Party 2,777
JACQUES Robert Hugh Liberal Democrats 117
KELLETT Becky Green Party 748
MARTIN Andrew Stuart The Conservative Party Candidate 996
PALFREMAN Bill Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews. 82
ROBINSON Francesca Leann Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents 468
SLAYTON-JOSLIN Jay Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 34
Electorate: 17,887
Turnout: 29.4%
Spoilt ballots: 38


Hunslet & Riverside ward

Labour Party HOLDElected: IQBAL Mohammed

Candidate Description Votes
BROWN Nina Charlotte Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 52
CARLISLE Ed Green Party 2,303
IQBAL Mohammed Labour Party 2,535
LYNAN Cordelia Frances Social Democratic Party 43
ROWDEN Paul Richard The Conservative Party Candidate 456
TURNER-CHASTNEY Benedict Luke Liberal Democrats 90
Electorate: 17,537
Turnout: 31.5%
Spoilt ballots: 50

Middleton Park ward

Labour Party HOLD
Elected: BURKE Sharon

Candidate Description Votes
ASQUITH Kay-Lee Anne Green Party 306
BENNETT Samantha Jane The Conservative Party Candidate 913
BURKE Sharon Labour Party 2,313
DIXON Wayne Alan Social Democratic Party 1,963
SPENCER James Michael Liberal Democrats 119
Electorate: 20,301
Turnout: 27.8%
Spoilt ballots: 39


Photo: the count taking place at Leeds FD Arena


2 Replies to “No change as Labour hold three South Leeds wards”

  1. Labour has nothing to be proud about when the turnout was so low. It is sad but true that many people do not vote in local elections because they do not see the point, believing that very little or nothing will change. The council is fixated on vanity projects such as pedestrianizing the area around the Corn Exchange and the cycle path on Dewsbury Road that will only be used by a handful of people. The millions that are being spent on these projects would be far better used on social care, education, improving social housing etc. It is time the council got their heads out of the clouds and dealt with the problems that are all around them if they would but look.

  2. Shame wayne or ed didnt get in just gonna be left with same old same old areas loosing even more of their identity and more unsustainable housing less green space dont think theres any left in south leeds apart from middleton park and cross flats areas where 2 of the 6 councillors live

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