NFTMO’s Northern Networking Meeting Today at THE GATE

bitmo gateBelle Isle TMO are really pleased to be hosting the NFTMO’s Northern Networking meeting today, Tuesday 31st March.

We’ll meet with other Tenant Management Organisations from the north of England to discuss the best ways of running estate management services.

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TMO Community Tenant Management Organisations and Housing Co-operatives make up a very small percentage of housing organisations in this country. Although we vary in size and type we do share common values and aspirations. TMOs can become isolated so it is important that we provide each other with support by sharing information and experiences.

The NFTMO provides networking opportunities through national and regional conferences and events. Where there are several TMOs in one area there may be a local forum where those TMOs meet.

The NFTMO has good links with the Confederation of Co-operative Housing and other like minded networking organisations.

We are currently developing a network for young people living in TMO areas.

NFTMO Members can get contact details for other TMOs in our online TMO Directory which is currently being updated.

We have a “Guide TMO Network” of TMOs who are organised to provide support and guidance to other TMOs and to tenants who are exploring tenant control as an option.

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  1. We are currently developing a network for young people living in TMO areas.
    The above text is taken from above TMO Quote. Why not for the Elderly in TMO areas as well?

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