New videos to support children’s speech development

It is estimated that two children in every classroom of 30 children have a language disorder that affects the way they understand and express language, which is not linked to another condition.

A series of 11 animated speech and language development videos has been released by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust for National Children’s Day, 12 May 2019, a day dedicated to supporting children to live healthy childhoods and grow into happy, healthy adults.

The videos were developed by the Trust’s Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team to help parents and carers support children under five years old to develop the best possible communication skills. For some this might be spoken and for others it might be learning to use communication aids, signs or symbols.

Sara Winfield

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at Leeds Community Healthcare Sara Winfield said:

“Parents and carers told us they wanted a resource which was easier to manage around their busy lives and work commitments. They wanted something more visual and convenient to access at home. It won’t replace the written resources or courses that we offer but it does support and enhance them.”

The animations highlight ten top tips for supporting children such as reducing screen time and avoiding the use of dummies during the day once children are 12 months or older.

Lindsey Joyce, a mother from Middleton, watched the videos. She said:

“I found the explanation of the different stages of learning and development in the videos really helpful. They broke the information down really clearly and watching them all only took six minutes!”

Mum and Primary School Teacher Kam Gill added:

“The videos are straight to the point, really effective and make the key points easy to remember. They also explain why reading is essential from a young age. I read visual books with my son who is nearly two and has Down syndrome. I use repetitive phrases as the videos recommend and as a result he has started to sign new words because he remembers what comes next in the story!”

The Trust is asking people to watch and share these videos with their friends, family and work colleagues as they contain useful information to support families.

Watch the videos at:


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust